Students from around the world are coming to Canada, enrolled in a variety of programs in universities and colleges in all provinces. Every year, around 100.000 students chose a Canadian university, college or school to continue their studies. Canadian degrees, diplomas and certificates are recognized worldwide for their high quality and academic standards.

The offer of educational programs for students is very attractive at all levels. If you are looking into studying in Canada from a planning perspective it’s important to be aware of registration dates and about the immigration  processing  time

Depending on the visa office where you submit your study permit application, the expected processing time can be from 2 to 5 weeks weeks like in India,  Czech Republic and Chile; 3 in Italy, 5 in Colombia, Guatemala and Argentina, 6 in Brazil, Cuba and Mexico and, 10 to 19 in USA. (current published processing times (Jul. 2014))

You can check updated processing time here:  CIC Processing times for study permit applications processed by visa offices outside Canada

If your study program has a duration of 6 months or less, a study permit is not required but you might still need to obtain a Temporary Resident Visa to enter the country. This is the list of countries that need visa to enter Canada. Please follow this link, (it will open in a new page).

Since June of 2014, students that meet the requirements have the possibility of working “of campus” without the need for a work permit, but you must continue to meet the conditions of your study permit in order to remain eligible for off-campus work permit.  If you are studying English or French as a second language (ESL/FSL), or participating in general interest or preparatory courses, you will not be eligible to work during your studies, unless you become eligible to apply for a work permit with a positive Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) from Employment and Social Development Canada.

If you gain work experience of at least 1 year after graduation, you could also qualify to apply for Permanent Residency under the Canadian Experience Class program and some Provincial Nomination Programs.

What we can do for you?

  • We can help you establish connections and facilitate communications with Canadian educational institutions.
  • We’ll help you understand Canadian Immigration process.
  • We’ll work with you to prepare immigration applications in a timely manner that are complete, organized and clear to process by immigration officers.
  • We’ll keep you updated about the status of you application and what to expect in every step of your immigration process.
  • We offer settlement information for applicants with successful applications in all Canadian provinces.
  • We’ll provide information about extension of permits and becoming a Permanent Resident and Canadian Citizen.

Let us work with you in achieving your goals of joining a Canadian educational institution and obtain a study permit that will allow you to come study in Canada.