Multiple-entry visa

Another option for parents to come visit family in Canada is a multiple-entry visa. The difference between this visa and the Super Visa is that the length of time of each stay in Canada is 6 months as most visitors visas instead of 2 years like Super visas.  Multiple visas can be issued for up to 10 years.

With the multiple-entry visa, Canadian permanent resident and Canadian citizens are not required to demonstrate that they meet the LICO (Low Income Cut-Off) and parents or grandparents are not required to provide proof of medical insurance. This does not mean that they will be covered by Canadian public health insurance, they will still need to provide for their own medical expenses while in Canada, visitors under this visa are just not required to  demonstrate that coverage  as part of the application process.  It is very  recommended that you arrange health  insurance  coverage in advance of your arrival to Canada and that you are covered from day one of the visit.

The Super visa is good for parents and grandparents who want to come visit their children and grandchildren in Canada to foster strong family ties, it is great for families that are interested in frequent short periods of temporarily stay in Canada but don’t want to immigrate to Canada permanently.

At Maple Tree Immigration we can help you determine you eligibility for this program and assist you in your application process.

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