CAIPS notes

If you are interested in obtaining information about the  processing  status of your application to immigrate  temporarily or permanently to Canada, or if you want to know in detail the reasons why a previous application was denied and you want to apply again, at Maple Tree Immigration we’ll be able to request for this information on your behalf and interpreter the notes that visa officers have included in your file by accessing CAIPS, FOSS or GCMS data.

  • CAIPS (Computer Assisted Immigration Processing System). It is the computer system used by Citizenship & Immigration Canada for applications processed outside Canada. They contain notes by officers that review your application. New applications are using the GCMS system in most cases.
  • FOSS (Field Operated Support System). This is the computer system used by Citizenship & Immigration Canada offices in Canada that also contains notes  written by officers that review  your  application, also being replaced by GCMS.
  • GCMS (Global Case Management System). It’s the computer system that Citizenship & Immigration Canada is  currently  using in Canada and overseas offices, consolidating all records in one single database.

Please contact us if you are interested in obtaining more information.